A Quick Guide To Buying Your Garage Door

A Quick Guide To Buying Your Garage Door

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in garage door

A Quick Guide To Buying Your Garage Door

Is it time to change your old garage door and upgrade to a new one? Or do you want to buy a new garage door for your new house? Whatever your reason is, garage doors make up for a large amount of your curb space and so will affect the curb appeal to a great extent. So they don’t just need to be functional but need to look good as well. Likewise, there are many other things you will need to carefully consider before buying a garage door.

buying a garage door

Factors to consider before buying a garage door

Garage Door Type

A good place to start is to decide on what type of garage door will suit your needs. Though there are a number of options to choose from, the following are the basic types

  • Roll up
  • Overhead
  • Swing out
  • Sliding doors

type of garage door

Roll up garage doors are very common and take up minimum space. Overhead doors can be large single piece doors that swing out and up into the ceiling on rails. So you need to have enough ceiling clearance and since they swing out they also need enough clearance outside. These are not recommended if you have a very short driveway.

Sectional Garage doors are another type of overhead doors that are partitioned to roll up into a ceiling rail.  Swing-out doors are not very common but are still preferred by some. These are usually two doors that open out and also require a lot of outside clearance. Sliding doors move to the side on rails and maybe ideal for garages that do not have enough ceiling clearance.

Cost Of the Garage Door

The price of your garage door too depends on a variety of factors such as the material it is made of, the closing mechanism, whether it is manual or automatic etc. So the price can range anywhere between $500 to even $10000 for an upscale door. If you research well, you can get a good garage door in the $1200 to $2500 range.


Garage doors can be made up of materials such as wood, wood composite, metals like aluminum, steel, fiberglass, vinyl etc.

Wood doors are solid and offer a lot of natural style to your doors. They can also be easily customized according to your needs. But it is not very easy to care for as they are easily affected by moisture and pests.

garage door Material

Wood composite is a good alternate for those who like the feel of wood but without its disadvantages. They are moisture-proof and do not warp or split like wood and are easy to paint too.

Fiber glass doors are light but strong and durable at the same time. They are transparent and allow light to enter. They are also water and rust-proof but provide poor insulation.

Aluminum and steel doors offer the strength of metal and can be used if security is your priority.

Vinyl garage doors are extremely popular as they are low on maintenance. They do not rust, dent, crack or fade and are available is elegant designs. They also provide excellent insulation and cut out outside noise. This is ideal of garages that connect to your house.

Vinyl garage doors

Garage Door Maintenance

This is a very important consideration as the life of your door depends on it. All doors require regular maintenance like oiling and cleaning, but depending on the material used, they might require more maintenance than others like periodic painting or weather proofing.

garage door painting


As garage doors are large and heavy, look for something with safety features like finger guards, tamper resistant bottom brackets etc. It is also wise to teach you family about being safe around the garage door

Hardware Quality

The moving components of the door experience the maximum wear and tear. Invest in a door that has quality hinges, springs, rollers or tracks to avoid recurring costs.

quality garage door hinges

Garage Door Design

You can also choose how your garage door looks as they come in a variety of styles. Choose one that matches your home or ever customize it for a more personal touch.

What Garage Door Opener to Buy

Many people think garage door openers are a thing of luxury; not anymore. Nothing can be more frustration than to manually open a garage door when it pouring outside or when it is extremely cold to get out of your car. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find so many options that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

To make things easier for your, we have compiled a list of features that you should familiarize yourself to choose the right garage opener for you.

Basic Features:

Drive-type Garage Door Opener

All garage door openers employ one of the three basic types of drives viz, chain-drive, belt-drive and direct-drive. Chain-drives are very common and affordable but can be noisy due to many moving parts. Belt-drives are the quietest but are also the most expensive ones. Screw-drives are somewhere in between as they directly use the motor instead of a chain or belt to raise or lower the door.

Drive-type Garage Door Opener


Ensure that the lifting power of your opener suits your garage door. A typical rating range is anywhere between 1/2 horsepower to 11/2 horsepower for houses. In case of double doors you will require a higher rating.


As the openers have many moving parts, they can also be noisy and pose a problem if your house is attached to your garage. Chose a belt-driven or a screw-driven model, especially if your sleeping quarters are very close to the garage.


This is a standard feature and is very important for your safety at night. It is better to look for one that you can also use when the door is not opened or closed.


Replacing parts of the garage door openers can be prove to be expensive, let alone the time and effort required getting it done. A life time warranty on the entire opener is the best option if you want to have a hassle-free experience. In case a life time warranty is not offered, choose one with a long term warranty of 10 to 15 years.

Must Have Features:

Rolling security code

A rolling code ensures that a new security code is generated every time you use your remote. This way you can protect yourself from security code thefts an also accidental opening of doors by a neighbour’s remote.

Automatic reverse sensor

Federal law requires that all openers have the automatic reverse option to prevent injury to people of pets who may come in the path of the door. This also protects your garage door from damage in case of any obstruction.

Manual release

A manual release can prove to be extremely important especially in case of emergencies when you have power outages.

Wall control

Your garage opener should come with a wall mounted control pad for opening and closing the garage door and for operating the lights.

garage door Wall control

Nice-to-have features

Battery back-up

A battery back-up lets you use the opener even in case of a power outage and when you don’t want to go through the hassle of opening your garage door manually.

Wireless keypad for keyless entry

In case your remote control battery runs out or for those times when you are out of your car, a wireless keypad can be used.

Vacation settings

This allows you to completely disable the opener so that it does not respond to any kind of transmission.

Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity      

With the internet having invaded every space, it is no wonder that you can now also open or close your garage door with a mobile app. Though this feature is found only in some high-end models, it won’t be long before it becomes the norm.

Vehicle compatibility

 It allows you to pair your opener to your vehicle’s control

Auto-close function

 It helps to automatically close the door after a set period of time

Motion-sensing automatic lights

 It helps to light up your garage automatically when you enter your garage

Carbon monoxide sensor

It helps to automatically open the door in case the garage is excessively filled with toxic fumes


With advancements in technology, garage doors are no longer boring devices but are exciting and self-learning machines all on its own.

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