How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts ?

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts ?

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in Air Conditioner

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts ?

It is not a question of how often should you clean air ducts. You need to be able to identify the symptoms that would warrant the cleaning. Air ducts are not like children. They do not need to be cleaned regularly. In fact, if everything else is fine, even a five-year gap does not sound like a bad thing. How does that even make sense now?

My personal reading

I have done a bit of reading up on this topic. A lot of professional agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency have given a list of reasons as to why the cleaning of the air ducts need to be done regularly and promptly.

Ever heard of molds?

If you spot molds then it is high time you get the duct clean. Molds are a fungus that grows when there is a change in the environment – humidity and temperature wise. This mold can exist in the air duct and can hurt your health in a big way.

Symptoms Of Black Mold

Uninvited Guests

Another reason that should get you calling for professional services for help is when you see vermin infestation in the house. In fact, you should call the army for it too.  Insects and rodents entering and exiting the duct work calls for immediate evac and clean up.

Signs of dirt and debris

Black debris is also a bad sign. This means you have not seen the filters in a very long time. The pollutants have had a ball of a time circulating your system and ruining the whole environment. I have noticed an increase in a bout of coughing and sneezing when there is just way too much dirt and dust in the air duct. My health goes for a toss. I used to have asthma and wheezing growing up. I am very sensitive to such changes in the air.

What are the good sides?

air duct cleaning servicesThere are no doubts several benefits to cleaning the air duct regularly. I always feel a sense of calm when I walk into the room after the cleansing process. I then wonder if it is a scientific fact or a psychological one. I know that the air ducts have been cleaned. Is that why I feel clean? Would I feel the difference if I was not told about it? That is a million dollar question.


Health is Wealth

In my home, I promote good health in the form of cleanliness. I hire professionals to come home and clean the duct for me. Every time I remodel the house or build a new cabinet, I make sure that the air duct is cleaned after. The professionals know what they are doing. They are not likely to damage the ductwork. I keep my family safe this way.

Final verdict

Today, indoor pollution is just as bad as outdoor. You do not need to step out to fall sick. Hence, keeping your own house clean is a priority. Today, we are more conscious of our health than ever before. It has become vital to be clean in order to be healthy. Dusting and vacuuming are just one part of the cleaning process. Keeping the air duct  in your list is very essential.