Garage Door Openers Are Now a Necessity

Garage Door Openers Are Now a Necessity

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in garage door

Garage Door Openers Are Now a Necessity


Today having a large insulated garage is an important part of any new home construction. In addition many people are replacing their existing garage doors with more energy efficient doors to save money. Most homes now have the convenience of a garage doors opener that operates from both the vehicle and from a keypad or key lock. Selecting the right door garages door opener is a lot easier now with the use of the Internet.

Garage doors, even if they are made of the thinnest grade of steel, still can be excessively cumbersome and heavy to open for the average individual. Add insulation to the door and it becomes heavier. Compound that weight with an arm full of children or groceries and a very inconvenient experience is about to unfold.

Garage doors also come in all widths and heights. The weight can differ significantly also, depending on the material type and construction of your garage door. Heavier garage doors shall need a more effective garage door opener compared to basic uninsulated metal garage door. Which type of motor is going to be strong enough to lift a selected garage door is really a question that any kind of professional installer or manufacturer will be able to answer.

Every garage door opener is not created equally.

There are predominantly three different types of drives available for garage door openers, chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. Each of these openers has benefits that the others lack. A fourth type of drive called a torsion drive is also available, but can be finicky if not installed precisely, so its best to be handled by a professional installer.

The most basic type of electric garage door opener is the tried and true chain drive. Much like a bicycle chain, this particular drive requires periodic lubricating oil and will need adjustment as the gears and chain ages. Chain driven garage door openers produce the most noise out of all types on the market and are available with different sized motors for heavier or larger doors.

Screw drive door openers are considered to be the most durable or maintenance free type of opener due to the design of the drive. While the process involved during installation is almost same to chain drive systems, the carriage of a screw drive opener “rides” along a spiraled screw type rod. This system has the fewest moving parts of any of the main three garage door openers and does not produce as much noise as the chain driven units. The cost of screw drive openers are approximately $30 to $50 more expensive than that of their chain drive counterparts.

Perhaps the most appreciated benefit of screw drive systems is that many open at twice the speed of other drives cutting down on the wait time to enter the garage.

The quietest model of garage door opener is a belt driven opener. These units use a steel reinforced rubber belt to lift the door. As a result, there is no metal on metal contact between the lifting mechanism and drive gear. While you will see some noise through the door rollers in the tracks, belt drive openers are missing the majority of the noise regarding standard door openers caused by drive style and motor.


Belt drive openers are the most expensive on the three types, but produce almost no noticeable noise. If the garage is located near to a bedroom, it is doubtful that the actual occupant would find out the garage door opening at all. In fact, the common homeowner will possibly be acutely aware, initially, of the belt drive motor as a result of absence of excess noise.

While the average handyman may have the skill to install a garage door opener, it can be an exceptionally frustrating procedure due to the reinforcement that may be required to the header of the garage opening, the ceiling of the garage itself, and any adjustments which may be necessary to the torsion springs.

Torsion springs should NOT be adjusted by the average homeowner or handyman. Proper specialized tools are required to adjust torsion springs safely. An experienced and knowledgeable professional should be hired to adjust the torsion springs safely and properly. Serious injury or worse can occur if the torsion springs are worn or not adjusted properly.