Garage Door Cleaning Tips by Plano overhead door

Garage Door Cleaning Tips by Plano overhead door

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in garage door

Garage Door Cleaning Tips by Plano overhead door

Plano overhead door repair popularity comes from their professional repair services in Plano TX and the neighboring places. Despite their excellent work, they are also affordable to customers. They have performed well for years, and you can count on them for every solution to your overhead door problems.

7 Tips By Plano Overhead Door Repair

Overhead Lubrication

overhead garage door Plano recommends lubricating every moving part to reduce the noise the door makes and, therefore, get rid of the nuisance. Also, lubricating helps to lessen the amount of wear, and this can contribute to increasing the serving time of your overhead door.

Cleaning Your Overhead Door

Cleaning regularly helps your garage remain tidy and also contributes to forming a cleaning habit. Every single part of the overhead garage door needs to be checked and cleaned. Not only does do this keeps your garage clean but also safe. You can always get cleaning tips from Plano overhead door.

Cleaning Your Overhead Door

only non-corrosive detergents

During cleaning, ensure you use only non-corrosive detergents because they accelerate the rate of rusting to all metal parts such as overhead garage door spring. It dangerous because you won’t know when fatigue would happen. Back in your mind, you might be thinking of solving a problem, but you would be creating another problem. There is better cleaning detergent which won’t ruin your garage and Plano overhead garage door can recommend the right one for your garage. Also, avoid using harsh or abrasive soap as it damages the painted surfaces and may expose the metal beneath to corrosion.

moisture needs removal regularly

Moisture tends to build up at overhead door springs and door garages, and this moisture needs removal regularly. This moisture contains components allowing rusting to take place. Getting rid of this moisture helps to reduce rusting, and your overhead door would serve you many years. It will also help you save on the overhead maintenance cost. The money saved from maintenance gets a chance to use elsewhere, and this boosts heavily on the welfare of the homeowner. The money saved can also be used to obtain other services at plano overhead garage door to ensure your garage is safe and clean.

overhead garage door moisture needs removal

rinse thoroughly with a hose

After cleaning with the right detergent and water, you need to rinse thoroughly with a hose. Using a pressure washer might damage the painted surface. We know this would expose the metal beneath and rusting kicks in. Also damaging this surface could take away the beauty of your garage since painting adds some beauty to components. The product at overhead garage door Plano usually come with good looking appearance. All this will go away if the use of abrasives.

rinse thoroughly your overhead door

waxing after every six months

Your overhead door needs waxing after every six months. Its helps in protecting the overhead door’s finish. You need to use a high-quality wax. Plano overhead door suggest that you should avoid applying wax on anodized aluminum overhead doors.

Look for rusting torsion springs

If you come across rust, contact Plano overhead garage door repairs for inspection and repair options. Rust could imply that the metal parts are worn out, and fatigue could happen anytime. Having professionals could make the repairing much easier and safer. Inspecting every part for rusting especially overhead torsion springs could be paramount. Rusting accelerate wear and you won’t want this to happen to overhead garage door torsion springs since they are under extreme tension. If this happens, the spring may snap, and this may injure the homeowner or worse, and this is the reason these springs always needs maintenance. Thanks to overhead garage door Plano, who always ensure that our garage works fine.

Why Plano Overhead Door ?

When it comes to Overhead garage doors, Plano overhead door is a perfect partner. It has about 40 years’ experience in overhead garage door opener, overhead doors and repairs. This is a business that is customer oriented and ensures that you have what you need at the best cost. Plano overhead door comes with a host of accreditation including: Consumer Choice awards and Angie’s list. This is proof that they able to deliver quality products and services to the satisfaction of most customers. Here are other reasons for choosing this company.

Dependable Appointments

Whenever you need to book an appointment, you will be scheduled in 30-minute windows, when you are available to have your plano overhead garage door installed. Once you have an appointment, you can be sure that the work will be done within the day of ordering or purchasing the overhead door. This company understands the value of time to every customer.

large inventories

At Plano overhead doors there are no excuses of waiting for stock of doors to arrive before commencing installation. The large inventory in their warehouses ensures that there is stock that is readily available for installation. The inventory will include any kind of overhead garage door you can think of. For custom overhead doors, it has the fastest shipping service from their network of warehouses.


They offers quality doors installation

All residential and commercial overhead garage doors are made out of long lasting steel. The craftsmanship is match to the 40 years’ experience of installing doors with maximum durability. There is also careful attention to details in preparation and installation of parts of the overhead garage door. The lifetime warranty of these parts and doors validate their quality.

Plano Overhead Garage Door Show Room

Plano overhead Door has a show room where potential customer can view the different types of doors available and also check out their functionality. They will also be able to see the different designs and colors