Chamberlain Garage Door Review – Your Best Bet!

Chamberlain Garage Door Review – Your Best Bet!

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Chamberlain Garage Door Review – Your Best Bet!

The garage is often the first part of our homes that we step into when we return from work or a day out. After a long and tiring day when one is looking forward to just get back home, kick off your shoes and collapse on the couch with a chilled can of beer, it can be highly annoying to have to fiddle with the garage doors instead.

Chamberlain garage door review

Chamberlain garage door : An overview

This is why it is important to install superior quality garage door openers. The Chamberlain garage door openers are highly recommended by homeowners. Even a cursory glance at reviews will be more than sufficient for you to conclude that these garage door openers are one of the best in the market today.

Chamberlain garage door openers

One of the technical aspects of garage door openers that you might need to be aware of is its horsepower expressed as a numerical figure. According to the experts, a horsepower of ½ HP is more than enough for the average homeowner, with a couple of cars.

Chamberlain overhead door review

An added advantage of the Chamberlain garage door openers is that they come with a pair of remote controls. Not only is it very handy to have a spare remote in case you lose one, but it also makes it easy for another member of the family to seamlessly operate the garage doors.

Types of garage door openers

The Chamberlain garage door openers are divided into two broad categories:

Belt Drive openers:

These openers make use of a belt looped around the rail which opens or closes the door. The belt is made of rubber and is reinforced by metal.

Chamberlain Belt Drive openers

Chain Drive openers:

These openers use a chain instead of the belt. They are typically louder than their belt drive counterparts but they are also on the less expensive side. Personally, I would like to be aware of the garage door opening and closing, signaling that my spouse has arrived home. If you are sensitive to noise, then chain drive openers might not be a good choice for you.

Chamberlain Chain Drive openers

Advantages of Chamberlain garage door openers

Once you decide which type of garage door opener is apt for you, you can go ahead and check out the various models from the Chamberlain Company.

Some of the best-selling models include the WD832KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener in the Belt Drive category and the PD612EV model in the chain drive category. The cost of the former one is 239 USD approximately and the later costs around 179 USD.


The Chamberlain garage door openers are also enabled with MyQ technology. This helps you to stay connected and to keep track of your garage, hence alerting you to any unwanted or unexpected intrusions. It also comes with a power backup, which means the garage door openers will work even if there is a power outage.

Chamberlain garage door MyQ

Additionally, they have a Time-to-close feature which automatically closes the garage doors after a predetermined time duration that is setup by you. You can control the door openers with your smartphone.

Assembly And Installation

One noteworthy point about the new Chamberlain garage door opener products is that they can be assembled and installed by ourselves without having to rely on the technicians to do the job for us.chamberlain technology

If you are not too keen on installing it yourself, of course you can get help from the professionals, but a lot of people prefer to go the self-help route as well. Apparently people claim to be able to get it all done in less than 2 hours!


Most people who have used the Chamberlain line of garage door openers are pretty satisfied with their experience. If you’ve found that of late you have been needing to repair garage door Often, then it might be time for you to ditch the old garage door openers to get a new one. The Chamberlain garage door openers work really well and you won’t need to be constantly worrying about garage door repair or garage door replacement.