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A Quick Guide To Buying Your Garage Door

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A Quick Guide To Buying Your Garage Door

Is it time to change your old garage door and upgrade to a new one? Or do you want to buy a new garage door for your new house? Whatever your reason is, garage doors make up for a large amount of your curb space and so will affect the curb appeal to a great extent. So they don’t just need to be functional but need to look good as well. Likewise, there are many other things you will need to carefully consider before buying a garage door.

buying a garage door

Factors to consider before buying a garage door

Garage Door Type

A good place to start is to decide on what type of garage door will suit your needs. Though there are a number of options to choose from, the following are the basic types

  • Roll up
  • Overhead
  • Swing out
  • Sliding doors

type of garage door

Roll up garage doors are very common and take up minimum space. Overhead doors can be large single piece doors that swing out and up into the ceiling on rails. So you need to have enough ceiling clearance and since they swing out they also need enough clearance outside. These are not recommended if you have a very short driveway.

Sectional Garage doors are another type of overhead doors that are partitioned to roll up into a ceiling rail.  Swing-out doors are not very common but are still preferred by some. These are usually two doors that open out and also require a lot of outside clearance. Sliding doors move to the side on rails and maybe ideal for garages that do not have enough ceiling clearance.

Cost Of the Garage Door

The price of your garage door too depends on a variety of factors such as the material it is made of, the closing mechanism, whether it is manual or automatic etc. So the price can range anywhere between $500 to even $10000 for an upscale door. If you research well, you can get a good garage door in the $1200 to $2500 range.


Garage doors can be made up of materials such as wood, wood composite, metals like aluminum, steel, fiberglass, vinyl etc.

Wood doors are solid and offer a lot of natural style to your doors. They can also be easily customized according to your needs. But it is not very easy to care for as they are easily affected by moisture and pests.

garage door Material

Wood composite is a good alternate for those who like the feel of wood but without its disadvantages. They are moisture-proof and do not warp or split like wood and are easy to paint too.

Fiber glass doors are light but strong and durable at the same time. They are transparent and allow light to enter. They are also water and rust-proof but provide poor insulation.

Aluminum and steel doors offer the strength of metal and can be used if security is your priority.

Vinyl garage doors are extremely popular as they are low on maintenance. They do not rust, dent, crack or fade and are available is elegant designs. They also provide excellent insulation and cut out outside noise. This is ideal of garages that connect to your house.

Vinyl garage doors

Garage Door Maintenance

This is a very important consideration as the life of your door depends on it. All doors require regular maintenance like oiling and cleaning, but depending on the material used, they might require more maintenance than others like periodic painting or weather proofing.

garage door painting


As garage doors are large and heavy, look for something with safety features like finger guards, tamper resistant bottom brackets etc. It is also wise to teach you family about being safe around the garage door

Hardware Quality

The moving components of the door experience the maximum wear and tear. Invest in a door that has quality hinges, springs, rollers or tracks to avoid recurring costs.

quality garage door hinges

Garage Door Design

You can also choose how your garage door looks as they come in a variety of styles. Choose one that matches your home or ever customize it for a more personal touch.

What Garage Door Opener to Buy

Many people think garage door openers are a thing of luxury; not anymore. Nothing can be more frustration than to manually open a garage door when it pouring outside or when it is extremely cold to get out of your car. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find so many options that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

To make things easier for your, we have compiled a list of features that you should familiarize yourself to choose the right garage opener for you.

Basic Features:

Drive-type Garage Door Opener

All garage door openers employ one of the three basic types of drives viz, chain-drive, belt-drive and direct-drive. Chain-drives are very common and affordable but can be noisy due to many moving parts. Belt-drives are the quietest but are also the most expensive ones. Screw-drives are somewhere in between as they directly use the motor instead of a chain or belt to raise or lower the door.

Drive-type Garage Door Opener


Ensure that the lifting power of your opener suits your garage door. A typical rating range is anywhere between 1/2 horsepower to 11/2 horsepower for houses. In case of double doors you will require a higher rating.


As the openers have many moving parts, they can also be noisy and pose a problem if your house is attached to your garage. Chose a belt-driven or a screw-driven model, especially if your sleeping quarters are very close to the garage.


This is a standard feature and is very important for your safety at night. It is better to look for one that you can also use when the door is not opened or closed.


Replacing parts of the garage door openers can be prove to be expensive, let alone the time and effort required getting it done. A life time warranty on the entire opener is the best option if you want to have a hassle-free experience. In case a life time warranty is not offered, choose one with a long term warranty of 10 to 15 years.

Must Have Features:

Rolling security code

A rolling code ensures that a new security code is generated every time you use your remote. This way you can protect yourself from security code thefts an also accidental opening of doors by a neighbour’s remote.

Automatic reverse sensor

Federal law requires that all openers have the automatic reverse option to prevent injury to people of pets who may come in the path of the door. This also protects your garage door from damage in case of any obstruction.

Manual release

A manual release can prove to be extremely important especially in case of emergencies when you have power outages.

Wall control

Your garage opener should come with a wall mounted control pad for opening and closing the garage door and for operating the lights.

garage door Wall control

Nice-to-have features

Battery back-up

A battery back-up lets you use the opener even in case of a power outage and when you don’t want to go through the hassle of opening your garage door manually.

Wireless keypad for keyless entry

In case your remote control battery runs out or for those times when you are out of your car, a wireless keypad can be used.

Vacation settings

This allows you to completely disable the opener so that it does not respond to any kind of transmission.

Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity      

With the internet having invaded every space, it is no wonder that you can now also open or close your garage door with a mobile app. Though this feature is found only in some high-end models, it won’t be long before it becomes the norm.

Vehicle compatibility

 It allows you to pair your opener to your vehicle’s control

Auto-close function

 It helps to automatically close the door after a set period of time

Motion-sensing automatic lights

 It helps to light up your garage automatically when you enter your garage

Carbon monoxide sensor

It helps to automatically open the door in case the garage is excessively filled with toxic fumes


With advancements in technology, garage doors are no longer boring devices but are exciting and self-learning machines all on its own.

if you need your opener garage door repair call ASAP to a pro garage door repair company




Top 10 Garage Door Manufacturers

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Top 10 Garage Door Manufacturers

More and more house owners are opting to install Garage Doors not just for the excellent safety and security features they provide but also for the pleasing and classic exterior look they offer.

The options for garage doors are many and the manufacturers producing them are even more. Depending upon the style preference of the homeowners, the best-suited garage doors could be selected.

Top Garage Door Manufacturers

Generally, garage doors are made from steel, wood, wood syntheses, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum. Each of these materials has their unique benefits, however steel and wood garage doors are the most preferred among the rest.


Wooden Garage Doors

Wood is a most preferred material since they offer a classic look with its originality, easy availability, and easy customization. But on the downside, it demands more of maintenance.

wood garage doors

Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors are gaining popularity due to their strong framework, economical budget, and low maintenance. Also they can be customized and given any preferred look.

  • Along with the above Materials, people also go in for Fiberglass & Aluminum Garage Doors.

Steel Garage Doors

Features to be considered while choosing a Garage Door:

  • Function – Working of the Door, Overhead Type, Roll-up type, etc.
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Construction
  • Installation & Maintenance Costs

Garage Door Repairs & Replacements:

Garage Door repair and garage door replacement might be required at times, so the availability of these services should be conformed before choosing a garage door. Once a default occurs in garage doors, it is necessary that we make arrangements to repair garage doors as soon as possible to avoid damages to self and vehicles.

Top 10 Garage Door Manufacturers:

There are a lot of garage door manufacturers that specialize in a variety of patterns and designs. Today most of the manufacturers use the best in class technologies and offer the best products in the market.

Here are the top 10 garage door manufacturers for your reference:

Delden Lincoln:

The Delden Lincoln garage door collections are designed to perfection along with perfect protection factors. It comes with a steel structure that lowers the maintenance costs.

Delden Lincoln garage door collections

It has a design collection of over 150 doors and they are all designed to resist any weather conditions. The Delden Lincoln claims to be the right choice for all types of homes and localities.

Clopay Coachman:

The Clopay Coachman garage door collection offers an old school traditional look with the modern technologies infused in it. These doors are constructed from steel and overlaid with wood for that classy look. The Clopay collection comes with easy to care feature and offer a variety of glass options that includes clear, seeded, frosted, and insulated.

Clopay Coachman garage door collection

Overhead Door Modern Aluminum:

If you would want your garage doors to carry a sleek and modern look then Overhead Door Modern Aluminum garage doors would be the apt choice for you. These garage doors provide a grid-like design with an aluminum body. It has a variety of glass options that includes double strength, obscure, tempered, tinted, and clear acrylic.

Overhead Door Modern Aluminum garage doors

Clopay Gallery

Clopay Gallery is an exclusive brand for traditionally raised panel garage door collections. These designs feature doors with a grooved design and numerous choices for customization. These doors are built on a steel frame with optional integrated insulation and are finished with wood emphases. All these salient features make this door suitable for installation into any traditional home design.

Amarr Heritage

Amarr Heritage garage doors are specially designed to enhance the security feature of the house. These doors are constructed using heavy-duty steel with a traditional look. Another unique feature of Amarr Heritage is the “pinch protection” feature to protect fingers from getting hurt while operating the doors. This feature makes these garage doors kid-friendly, ensuring easy and safe handling.

Amarr Heritage

Delden DTR-3000

The Delden DTR-3000 garage door collection is built from triple-layered steel for added security. Possessing a high-energy efficiency rating, these garage doors reduce your Power consumption charges and saves money.

Overhead Door Durafirm

The Overhead Door Durafirm collection uses the Thermacore technology to keep a garage insulated. These doors are designed in such a way that the Thermacore component is placed between two layers of steel and hence prove to be a durable heat saver.

Overhead Door Durafirm

Clopay Canyon Ridge

The Clopay Canyon Ridge collection is designed with an insulated steel base and finished with faux wood composite coating.  It provides attractive garage doors to suit any home design.

C.H.I. Accents Planks

The C.H.I. Accents Planks garage door collection features four rich shades that gels with any type of exterior design. It is constructed from a steel frame integrating polyurethane or polystyrene insulation. Easy cleaning and energy savings are the USP of these garage doors.

C.H.I. Accents Planks

Clopay Classic Wood

As the name suggests, these doors are expertly designed in wood to give a rich heritage look to the exteriors of your home. Clopay Classic provides utmost security coupled with stunning accents to your home and is sure to make you proud homeowners.


Top 5 Indications For Replacing Your Overhead Garage Door

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Top 5 Indications For Replacing Your Overhead Garage Door

People usually find themselves in a dilemma when they have to decide whether to repair or replace the overhead garage door.

A careful inspection of the wear and tear will help you to assess the extent of the damage. If it can be fixed by putting in a new part or removing the dent, then the door can be used for bit longer.

But if there are any safety hazards like a weak structure, broken cables and springs, overhead door replacement is the best way forward.

5 warning signs for overhead door replacement

The below tell tale signs should not be ignored as it will tell you that it is time for getting a new overhead garage door.

Broken cables, springs and parts

Safety is the number one reason for considering replacing your old garage door.

Broken cables, springs and parts

Cables and springs control the movement of the door. Any damage to these can cause the door to close unexpectedly. This can lead to accidents and serious damage. If you notice any of the below signs, get a new garage door.

  • Damage on the bottom section of the door
  • Broken edges or splinters on the door
  • Rusted cables and wires


Shaking Overhead Door

The garage doors are designed in such a way that they move up and down smoothly. If you notice any shaking while opening or closing the garage door, it is a clear indication that the door has to be replaced.

If the door jerks unexpectedly, it may lead to the total collapse of the structure. This can cause injury and damage to the vehicle.

High energy Overhead door bills

If the utility bill suddenly shoots up, even though there is no change in your usage pattern, then this is another indication.

If the insulation of the garage door is damaged, the air conditioning unit has to work harder in order to maintain the ideal room temperature of your house.

An uneven garage door can also contribute to this as the door will not shut down properly allowing heat to escape.

High energy Overhead door bills

Jarring noise

While oiling the parts will help to reduce the squeaking sounds, it is advisable to seek the services of an overhead door repair service center to inspect if there is any mechanical damage.

If there is any damage then there is no option other than replacing the door.

oiling overhead door

Safety features

Old garage doors do not have many safety features. If you want to ensure a good night’s rest for you and family, you must opt for the modern garage doors with advanced safety features.

Unlike the traditional garage doors, the latest models are not easy to break into.

Preventive steps for maintaining garage doors

After installing the new overhead garage door, it is important to follow the below precautionary measure to prolong the life of the garage door.

  1. Pay attention to the movement of the garage door. Also check for any unusual sounds and inspect the wires and cables on periodic basis.
  2. As the garage doors are used multiple times a day, all around the years and in different weather conditions, there is a chance that the nuts and bolts become lose. Therefore tighten all the brackets and bolts every once in a while.
  3. It is important to use the right lubrication to add years to your garage door. White lithium grease works well for chains and screws and spray lubricant does wonders for the overhead springs.
  4. Clear the tracks on either side of the door to remove any debris that will obstruct the movement of the door.
  5. It is a good practice to wash the garage door with a mild cleaning agent. Steel doors tend to get rusted over time. Therefore it is important to get it sanded, primed and painted to increase the life of the door.

installing the new overhead garage door


Overhead garage door repair and replacement is an expensive affair but cost should never be deterrent for ensuring safety. Good and timely maintenance will help you to increase the life span of the door.




Chamberlain Garage Door Review – Your Best Bet!

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Chamberlain Garage Door Review – Your Best Bet!

The garage is often the first part of our homes that we step into when we return from work or a day out. After a long and tiring day when one is looking forward to just get back home, kick off your shoes and collapse on the couch with a chilled can of beer, it can be highly annoying to have to fiddle with the garage doors instead.

Chamberlain garage door review

Chamberlain garage door : An overview

This is why it is important to install superior quality garage door openers. The Chamberlain garage door openers are highly recommended by homeowners. Even a cursory glance at reviews will be more than sufficient for you to conclude that these garage door openers are one of the best in the market today.

Chamberlain garage door openers

One of the technical aspects of garage door openers that you might need to be aware of is its horsepower expressed as a numerical figure. According to the experts, a horsepower of ½ HP is more than enough for the average homeowner, with a couple of cars.

Chamberlain overhead door review

An added advantage of the Chamberlain garage door openers is that they come with a pair of remote controls. Not only is it very handy to have a spare remote in case you lose one, but it also makes it easy for another member of the family to seamlessly operate the garage doors.

Types of garage door openers

The Chamberlain garage door openers are divided into two broad categories:

Belt Drive openers:

These openers make use of a belt looped around the rail which opens or closes the door. The belt is made of rubber and is reinforced by metal.

Chamberlain Belt Drive openers

Chain Drive openers:

These openers use a chain instead of the belt. They are typically louder than their belt drive counterparts but they are also on the less expensive side. Personally, I would like to be aware of the garage door opening and closing, signaling that my spouse has arrived home. If you are sensitive to noise, then chain drive openers might not be a good choice for you.

Chamberlain Chain Drive openers

Advantages of Chamberlain garage door openers

Once you decide which type of garage door opener is apt for you, you can go ahead and check out the various models from the Chamberlain Company.

Some of the best-selling models include the WD832KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener in the Belt Drive category and the PD612EV model in the chain drive category. The cost of the former one is 239 USD approximately and the later costs around 179 USD.


The Chamberlain garage door openers are also enabled with MyQ technology. This helps you to stay connected and to keep track of your garage, hence alerting you to any unwanted or unexpected intrusions. It also comes with a power backup, which means the garage door openers will work even if there is a power outage.

Chamberlain garage door MyQ

Additionally, they have a Time-to-close feature which automatically closes the garage doors after a predetermined time duration that is setup by you. You can control the door openers with your smartphone.

Assembly And Installation

One noteworthy point about the new Chamberlain garage door opener products is that they can be assembled and installed by ourselves without having to rely on the technicians to do the job for us.chamberlain technology

If you are not too keen on installing it yourself, of course you can get help from the professionals, but a lot of people prefer to go the self-help route as well. Apparently people claim to be able to get it all done in less than 2 hours!


Most people who have used the Chamberlain line of garage door openers are pretty satisfied with their experience. If you’ve found that of late you have been needing to repair garage door Often, then it might be time for you to ditch the old garage door openers to get a new one. The Chamberlain garage door openers work really well and you won’t need to be constantly worrying about garage door repair or garage door replacement.

Garage Door Cleaning Tips by Plano overhead door

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Garage Door Cleaning Tips by Plano overhead door

Plano overhead door repair popularity comes from their professional repair services in Plano TX and the neighboring places. Despite their excellent work, they are also affordable to customers. They have performed well for years, and you can count on them for every solution to your overhead door problems.

7 Tips By Plano Overhead Door Repair

Overhead Lubrication

overhead garage door Plano recommends lubricating every moving part to reduce the noise the door makes and, therefore, get rid of the nuisance. Also, lubricating helps to lessen the amount of wear, and this can contribute to increasing the serving time of your overhead door.

Cleaning Your Overhead Door

Cleaning regularly helps your garage remain tidy and also contributes to forming a cleaning habit. Every single part of the overhead garage door needs to be checked and cleaned. Not only does do this keeps your garage clean but also safe. You can always get cleaning tips from Plano overhead door.

Cleaning Your Overhead Door

only non-corrosive detergents

During cleaning, ensure you use only non-corrosive detergents because they accelerate the rate of rusting to all metal parts such as overhead garage door spring. It dangerous because you won’t know when fatigue would happen. Back in your mind, you might be thinking of solving a problem, but you would be creating another problem. There is better cleaning detergent which won’t ruin your garage and Plano overhead garage door can recommend the right one for your garage. Also, avoid using harsh or abrasive soap as it damages the painted surfaces and may expose the metal beneath to corrosion.

moisture needs removal regularly

Moisture tends to build up at overhead door springs and door garages, and this moisture needs removal regularly. This moisture contains components allowing rusting to take place. Getting rid of this moisture helps to reduce rusting, and your overhead door would serve you many years. It will also help you save on the overhead maintenance cost. The money saved from maintenance gets a chance to use elsewhere, and this boosts heavily on the welfare of the homeowner. The money saved can also be used to obtain other services at plano overhead garage door to ensure your garage is safe and clean.

overhead garage door moisture needs removal

rinse thoroughly with a hose

After cleaning with the right detergent and water, you need to rinse thoroughly with a hose. Using a pressure washer might damage the painted surface. We know this would expose the metal beneath and rusting kicks in. Also damaging this surface could take away the beauty of your garage since painting adds some beauty to components. The product at overhead garage door Plano usually come with good looking appearance. All this will go away if the use of abrasives.

rinse thoroughly your overhead door

waxing after every six months

Your overhead door needs waxing after every six months. Its helps in protecting the overhead door’s finish. You need to use a high-quality wax. Plano overhead door suggest that you should avoid applying wax on anodized aluminum overhead doors.

Look for rusting torsion springs

If you come across rust, contact Plano overhead garage door repairs for inspection and repair options. Rust could imply that the metal parts are worn out, and fatigue could happen anytime. Having professionals could make the repairing much easier and safer. Inspecting every part for rusting especially overhead torsion springs could be paramount. Rusting accelerate wear and you won’t want this to happen to overhead garage door torsion springs since they are under extreme tension. If this happens, the spring may snap, and this may injure the homeowner or worse, and this is the reason these springs always needs maintenance. Thanks to overhead garage door Plano, who always ensure that our garage works fine.

Why Plano Overhead Door ?

When it comes to Overhead garage doors, Plano overhead door is a perfect partner. It has about 40 years’ experience in overhead garage door opener, overhead doors and repairs. This is a business that is customer oriented and ensures that you have what you need at the best cost. Plano overhead door comes with a host of accreditation including: Consumer Choice awards and Angie’s list. This is proof that they able to deliver quality products and services to the satisfaction of most customers. Here are other reasons for choosing this company.

Dependable Appointments

Whenever you need to book an appointment, you will be scheduled in 30-minute windows, when you are available to have your plano overhead garage door installed. Once you have an appointment, you can be sure that the work will be done within the day of ordering or purchasing the overhead door. This company understands the value of time to every customer.

large inventories

At Plano overhead doors there are no excuses of waiting for stock of doors to arrive before commencing installation. The large inventory in their warehouses ensures that there is stock that is readily available for installation. The inventory will include any kind of overhead garage door you can think of. For custom overhead doors, it has the fastest shipping service from their network of warehouses.


They offers quality doors installation

All residential and commercial overhead garage doors are made out of long lasting steel. The craftsmanship is match to the 40 years’ experience of installing doors with maximum durability. There is also careful attention to details in preparation and installation of parts of the overhead garage door. The lifetime warranty of these parts and doors validate their quality.

Plano Overhead Garage Door Show Room

Plano overhead Door has a show room where potential customer can view the different types of doors available and also check out their functionality. They will also be able to see the different designs and colors

Garage Door Openers Are Now a Necessity

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Garage Door Openers Are Now a Necessity


Today having a large insulated garage is an important part of any new home construction. In addition many people are replacing their existing garage doors with more energy efficient doors to save money. Most homes now have the convenience of a garage doors opener that operates from both the vehicle and from a keypad or key lock. Selecting the right door garages door opener is a lot easier now with the use of the Internet.

Garage doors, even if they are made of the thinnest grade of steel, still can be excessively cumbersome and heavy to open for the average individual. Add insulation to the door and it becomes heavier. Compound that weight with an arm full of children or groceries and a very inconvenient experience is about to unfold.

Garage doors also come in all widths and heights. The weight can differ significantly also, depending on the material type and construction of your garage door. Heavier garage doors shall need a more effective garage door opener compared to basic uninsulated metal garage door. Which type of motor is going to be strong enough to lift a selected garage door is really a question that any kind of professional installer or manufacturer will be able to answer.

Every garage door opener is not created equally.

There are predominantly three different types of drives available for garage door openers, chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. Each of these openers has benefits that the others lack. A fourth type of drive called a torsion drive is also available, but can be finicky if not installed precisely, so its best to be handled by a professional installer.

The most basic type of electric garage door opener is the tried and true chain drive. Much like a bicycle chain, this particular drive requires periodic lubricating oil and will need adjustment as the gears and chain ages. Chain driven garage door openers produce the most noise out of all types on the market and are available with different sized motors for heavier or larger doors.

Screw drive door openers are considered to be the most durable or maintenance free type of opener due to the design of the drive. While the process involved during installation is almost same to chain drive systems, the carriage of a screw drive opener “rides” along a spiraled screw type rod. This system has the fewest moving parts of any of the main three garage door openers and does not produce as much noise as the chain driven units. The cost of screw drive openers are approximately $30 to $50 more expensive than that of their chain drive counterparts.

Perhaps the most appreciated benefit of screw drive systems is that many open at twice the speed of other drives cutting down on the wait time to enter the garage.

The quietest model of garage door opener is a belt driven opener. These units use a steel reinforced rubber belt to lift the door. As a result, there is no metal on metal contact between the lifting mechanism and drive gear. While you will see some noise through the door rollers in the tracks, belt drive openers are missing the majority of the noise regarding standard door openers caused by drive style and motor.


Belt drive openers are the most expensive on the three types, but produce almost no noticeable noise. If the garage is located near to a bedroom, it is doubtful that the actual occupant would find out the garage door opening at all. In fact, the common homeowner will possibly be acutely aware, initially, of the belt drive motor as a result of absence of excess noise.

While the average handyman may have the skill to install a garage door opener, it can be an exceptionally frustrating procedure due to the reinforcement that may be required to the header of the garage opening, the ceiling of the garage itself, and any adjustments which may be necessary to the torsion springs.

Torsion springs should NOT be adjusted by the average homeowner or handyman. Proper specialized tools are required to adjust torsion springs safely. An experienced and knowledgeable professional should be hired to adjust the torsion springs safely and properly. Serious injury or worse can occur if the torsion springs are worn or not adjusted properly.

Why Is It Important To Do A Overhead Garage Door Repair?

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Why Is It Important To Do A Overhead Garage Door Repair?

For most people, the most used part of the house is their garage. Irrespective of the hour or the season, the garage door is used multiple times. This makes it one such part of the house that needs constant looking after. You need to perform preventive care and maintenance on the overhead garage door.

  • Every time you use the garage door a quick 5 to 10 second check should suffice to determine if the doors are in good working condition. If you feel the movements of the door are jerky, it’s making some weird noises and the cables look asymmetrical, then its time to get your door checked.
  • The garage door is used many times a day and several times in a year. The constant motion and vibration will eventually result in loosening of the hardware which needs to be repaired. Periodic checks will prevent major mishaps from happening. overhead door Rollers which are worn or chipped may pose a threat at any point of time.
    Clopay Avante garage door
  • The overhead garage door is attached to springs and needs to be properly balanced at all times. In case you pull up the door halfway, it should stay in place else there is a spring imbalance which needs to be rectified. Broken or loose springs can cause serious injury.
  • It is also important to visually check the cables for any sign of wear and tear or frayed ends. As these are high tension cables, they have so much of force that they can kill a person. These cables need to be replaced by trained professionals only.
    garage door cable repair
  • Any moving object needs some form of garage door lubrication to make it move smoothly. If the hydraulics and springs are not lubricated, it will shorten the life span of the garage door which in turn will cost you more to replace! Ensure that lubricating grease is applied to all chains and springs.
  • The bottom of all garage doors has a weather strip which keeps out the external elements. This needs to be replaced too if you notice any damage to it.
    garage door weather seal replacement
  • Most overhead garage doors will have an auto reverse safety feature. In case anyone or anything is stuck in the path of the garage door, this feature will automatically reverse the movement of the garage door. This is a very important feature especially if we have young kids or pets with us. So if this safety feature seems to be the issue, it is certainly better to get it checked and repaired at the earliest.
  • Apart from the hardware, spring cables, rollers and wires, the main garage door also needs to be under constant care. Since the door is exposed to the outer climatic conditions at all times, they need to be regularly checked for any kind of damage. Ensure that you undertake regular cleaning of your door.

The garage door is an essential part of your home, which makes up about one third of your house. It is important to keep it clean and in working condition. If you know the basics you can do it yourself, else it’s always better to call in professionals to do it for you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What Tools Do You need for a Garage Door Repair

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What Tools Do You need for a Garage Door Repair

While fixing a garage door, we would definitely require the correct tools. The correct tools will make our repair process a smooth and easier learning experience. Sometimes usage of the wrong tool would also lead to malfunction of the components that are working fine. Hence the knowledge functionality and circumstances where that specific tool can be used should be known clearly by you before you start the repair job.

garage door repair

A garage usually consists of the tool section. Few commonly used tools are as follows:

  • Winding bars: are specially made for garage door spring replacement jobs. It comes in different sizes as per the usage requirement, either personal or commercial. The commercially used winding bars would be longer due to a larger spring usage.
  • Digital caliper: This is used for doing acute and precise measurements. For example, the thickness of the wire or coil would be 0.008 inches. In such cases a normal scale does not work and digital calipers are required.
  • Safety cables and cable pulling clamp: When the spring gets damaged there are many chances for the spring to get disintegrated with force. This being very dangerous, the cable is attached to the garage door track to keep the spring in position. The cable should not be pulled tighter since that would further cause disturbances to the spring. A cable pulling clamp is used for this reason.
    repair garage door
  • Stationary cone tool: This is used to dislocate the cone from the spring during a torsion spring replacement job.
  • Safety glasses: When the winding bars are required to be cut as per the spring cone measurements, very minute metal pieces disintegrate in air. Safety glasses help us to protect our eyes from these fine dusts.
  • Torsion shaft hammer: When the spring is being replaced, torsion shaft hammer is used to adjust the slight measurements hence protecting the ends of the spring.
  • Transmitter frequency reader: This instrument is very easy to use and it fine tunes the transmitter fixed in the garage door.
    tools to repair garage door
  • Radio receiving testing tool: This again is a very easy simple tool to use. Often used to test the receivers and the measure the range between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Quick roller change tool: This is used to change the roller as soon as possible. The tool comprises of an extractor and inserter.
  • Spring spreader tool: This tool can be used to spread the coils in the spring while a repairing it.
  • Professional swaging kit: This kit generally contains hand swagger, button stops, thimbles, cable cutter of different sizes. As per our requirement, that specific size can be used.

Above mentioned are most essential tools used when it comes to fix a broken garage door. Investing on these tools is a very good decision which would avoid high amount of handyman expenses at a long run. Also we get good discounts in the shops when we place bulk order. The clear knowledge about each is a definite requirement. In case you are a beginner, please get assistance from an experienced person. A fully equipped tool section makes life easier.